What is Then The City?

Innovative arts organisation They Eat Culture (TEC) are launching round 2 of their ‘Then The City’ project, funded by Arts Council England, Preston City Council, and Lancashire County Council, which sees Preston visualised through local communities, creatives, and volunteers as a city – a small city maybe – of the future.

TEC have brought into play international partnerships from North America including Broken City Lab in Windsor Ontario, and both Loveland Technologies and Ponyride from Detroit, to help define and design a project that will add to the cultural development of the city. They’ll be joining up with local partners including BBC Radio Lancashire, the LEP, and others from the business sector, to promote the co-development by communities, enterprises, and individuals, of Preston’s cultural vision.

First trialed at Guild from their busy pop-up space in St George’s Shopping Centre, TEC asked Preston people how they want their city to develop.

Their work over the next 6 months will see a range of innovative projects. First we’ll see TEC working with local communities to help them become cultural arts programmers, including groups of roller derby sportswomen, taxi drivers, and a community based around Soundskills in Brookfield, culminating in an exciting programme of activity in pop-up performance spaces across Preston in Spring 2013.

TEC are also launching an arts micro-commission series, using kickstarter as a method of crowdsourcedfundraising to find out what, exactly, local Preston people are interested in developing.

If you’re interested in helping your wider community out, or you need to find help, there’ll be opportunities for you, too. Then The City is about individuals taking action and making positive choices for the benefit of Preston.

City Counselling
Come and celebrate the launch of Then The City phase 2 at The Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, with a city counselling session where interested parties get their opportunity to finish the sentence ‘then the city..’

then the city…helps out
We collectively help out the city through volunteering and direct action

then the city…makes it happen
We work with groups to find out about how they want to engage with culture in Preston, where they programme, and co-commission a living active arts project for their space.

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